Editing Service

Your poem can have a heart and I want to be a part of that journey. A poetry critique looks for the flow of the poem, sees if there are any holes in the story, if any pieces are too similar or sticks out from the others, etc.


  • Individual Poem- $5
  • Poetry Collection (50+ poems) - $250

"Fida's contagious enthusiasm and love for words make her a joy to work with. You won't find a more encouraging person, which is exactly what every poet needs in their life." -Sarah Chafin

What It Includes

  • 3 rounds of interactive editing.
  • Q&A about formatting the book and the self publishing process.
  • A personalized editing checklist.

Once you email me I will send you a paypal invoice and get started on editing your poetry!

"The (notes) were very helpful to overcome the vagueness. I was worried that it might be too explicit which is why I was a bit vague on that part, but I realized that it'll give more structure to my poem and overall message." - Shirley Chen

Ready to work with me? Please complete the form below by including what your book is about, how many poems there are and what you're looking for. Thank you!

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