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From A to Z, 100 poems about being Muslim, handling emotions and the beauty of nature. In this collection, you'll find a bit of sadness and humor on subjects from doodling to sports and even colors. May these poems help you improve yourself and your outlook on life as they have for the author.

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Possessing a powerful love for both Palestine and its people, Fida Islaih works to understand their struggles as she endures her own.

Though she has yet to travel to Palestine, a deep-rooted desire to do so inspires her and comes through in her lovely poetry.

Join Fida on her poetic journey through life and share her inspiration.

Heartfelt poems about the people in your life. See the beauty in the ordinary things of life. This is a collection of thoughts and experiences that Islaih has gone through.

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Praise for HUGS & KISSES:

“Islaih strings words together, in short, simple poems that pack a lot of meaning and emotion.” -Sharif

“A lovely collection of poetry that truly allows to reader to see into the author’s soul. The prose is simple and beautiful, bringing feelings of serenity and reminding us all how we are part of the same human family, no matter our background or upbringing.” -Collier

Islaih shares her travel to Malaysia. She continues on to share more of her thoughts on Palestine. More poems include her love for her sisters, faith, and words. 

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Blossoming Heart is a compilation of poems about conquering your fear and forgiving yourself. Learn about yourself and love yourself in your journey. Find stillness in your life. Let your brokenness find hope and peace.

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Smile Back is a series of six-word stories that follows a Muslim girl's journey. It covers the struggles of wearing the headscarf, to loving nature and learning to love herself.

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