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Poetry Challenge: Burning Fiercely

Hello Poetteers,

Welcome to the first day of the A to Z Poetry challenge. I won't be blogging every day. You can find all the challenges in the April Poetry Bundle. Today's challenge is the letter A.

Word Prompt

  1. What sparked a fire in you?
  2. How are you fierce?
  3. What strong emotions are you feeling?
  4. What bright colors describe those emotions?
Poetry Form

Share the poems on Instagram using #dailypoetrygram and tagging me @poetfida. This is all optional. These questions are here to guide you in writing your poem. You don’t have to answer all the questions or use all your responses in the poem. Pick your favorite responses to be in the poem and rearrange them until you’re satisfied. These word prompts are up to your creativity and interpretation.


Burning Fiercely 

I'm always asked about my faith and culture
of why I fast and wear the headscarf
blue with frustration and red with anger 
instead of letting them burn me down with exhaustion 
I turned to writing, expressing my faith
purple with devotion
yet wondering if it's enough
I hear about my work and know
it's educating and inspiring other people.

Stay inspired, 

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