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Imperfect Boss Reflection

Hello Poetteers,

I'm grateful for this campaign. When I heard of it before I thought it was great but I thought I had nothing to say. Seeing other posts I realized I have things to confess but I'm scared of saying them. I missed the opportunity. As I shared more original poetry I felt stuck. I couldn't move forward unless I shared behind the scenes and truths. I started the series, Poet Confessions (blog and IG). After starting that I felt better. I could finally move forward.

This time when The Imperfect Boss campaign presented itself I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. I felt less alone. I saw myself in many of the fears other people expressed. I came up with more confessions than I shared. More came up as I shared the few you saw. I worried about sharing mine. I worried I would ramble. Maybe I did. I worried if I made sense. After this, I feel understood. Another layer of me was peeled back and seen. I love to reflect on the opportunities I take.

I learned about myself. Some fears are interconnected. As I wrote those newfound confessions and looked back at the questions that were there to help guide us to come up with confessions, I came up with an action plan for myself.

I'm excited about the future! Stay inspired, 

Storytime: Poetry Submission

Repetitive Poetry Titles

Repetitive Poetry Titles