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Poetry Tuesday: Needing Spoken Word

Hello Poetteers,


I haven't preformed spoken word but I want to. I've read out my poems a few times. Public speaking isn't my thing, it scares me. Before I go on stage it's nerve wrecking. With poetry I'm a different person. I don't run away from the opportunity. I enjoy it. Once I loosen up I'm loud and clear. I even surprise myself with my voice. 

I don't let myself give it a second thought. I don't let doubt creep in. I even lead a poetry workshop once. It's exhilarating experience. It is something I want to do again. 

I need to work on bringing the power of my voice through the words and emotion. I love hearing the silence and the snaps. The room is dimmed. It's a cool environment. It will be even better when I bring in all that I want to work on.

*originally talked about on the #poetrychat.

stay inspired,


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