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Put Your Poem into Shape

Hello Poetteers,

I've heard of shape poetry, but only recently tried it out. The name itself tells you what it is. It is a poem that takes on a form of a shape. Shape poetry is a visual result of what a poem is talking about. Ask yourself what is your poem talking about? Is it about a shape or refers to a topic concerning that shape?

This poem is about loving myself. When you love yourself it feels like you have wings. This is what I attempted:

This is another poem about loving yourself, so I made it into a heart.

Shape poetry is only one type of visual poetry. Another type of visual poetry is that in your poem you can let specific words enhance their meaning. Enhancing the word will add emphasis and emotion to what the full poem is talking about. I can't wait to try it. You can find more about it here.

Stay inspired, Fida

P.S. So many of you love the poem, Capture It, I designed it for a magnet. It is now available here.

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