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Top Ten Tuesday - Books I Enjoyed Outside My Comfort Zone

Hello Poetteers,

When I first got into reading I enjoyed the MG mysteries. As I got to YA novels I mostly stuck with contemporary and historical. It shows that in my bookshelf. Here are top ten five books I enjoyed that weren’t my type of book.

1. The Lunar Chronicles 
It was my first sci fi series I read and loved!

2. Ms. Marvel
The first comic book series I read and enjoyed. 

3. Throne of Glass series
The first high fantasy series I read and fell in love with. 

4. Unwind 
My first dystopian read. It was interesting and I liked it. I still need to continue the series but I haven't be pulled to finish it. 

5. My Name is Memory 
This is the first novel I read with time travel.

Thank you,

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