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Love-a-Thon: Mix and Match

Hello Poetteers,

I love reading and writing stories. This challenge is to combine that with a non-bookish passion of ours. My recent passion is calligraphy. I'll be sharing books with typography that drew me in.

It shows the expansive-ness of what the word means and what the story is.
I love the simplistic style and the different sized lettering. It puts the model in the center. It's all pointing towards her. 
It is simplistic but puts emphasis on the point of the story. 
It is enchanting like the story itself.
I love that the title is able to make a shape out of itself.
This is another title where emphasis is put on the word that seems to be the theme of the story. 
I just love this one. It's simple, big and bright.
It stands out from the background. It goes with the story. 
The arrows pointing to the title is what adds to the cover. It will still look good without them but it just shows the goodness. If that even makes sense. 

With that, what books have typography that stood out to you?

Love, Fida

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