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Embrace the Real You, a Poem

Embrace the Real You

They tell me to wear makeup

but I won't 
they tell me I won't look beautiful without it
but I feel beautiful without it
I feel beautiful within me

They tell me to show some skin
that it will make me look beautiful 
but I won't show some skin
I'll let my mind show my beauty

They tell me to have a certain shape, size and color 
that those few things will make me beautiful 
but I will love every curve and every inch of my body

I will love the sound of my voice 
when no one else will
They tell you 
that you should be soft and quiet 
but I will let my laughter be loud
and fill the whole room

They tell me to sit still and be proper 
but I will run and stumble
and won't worry about a little dirt

Loving myself 
is what will make me beautiful 

Loving the differences 
in every person 
is what makes you beautiful 
what makes the other person 
feel beautiful

You do what you want
show some skin or not
wear some make up or not 

You do you and be beautiful
because you are beautiful.



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