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What's up Wednesday: Books!

Hello readers,

I finally read The Kite Runner! The descriptions and writing was beautiful.

I love how the title
means something in the story
shares a moment
a memory
the kite runner
you should see it
in mornings in Jenin.
I may have shed some tears
But I didn't cry
reading either one of their stories
I was sad and shocked
But I grew up
knowing the truth
knowing their stories
while others didn't
it is my burden and my duty
to know them.

What I'm Writing:

The short story idea is on hold. I got a new idea for a new story on the theme of hijab. I'm excited! I'm already at 2k. My goal is to have 10k by the end of this week.

What Else:

A month from today, Her Olives will have been published for a year!

Love and thank you, Fida

Monday Blessings: That made up last week.

Monday Blessings - Bright Places