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What's up Wed: Blog Tour Day 3

Hello readers,

What I'm Reading

CROWN OF MIDNIGHT! The first book was already great but this second book kicked it up a notch with the OMG! moments.

What I'm Writing:

I'm keeping on with NaNoWriMo at 28k!

In between I'm switching back and forth between two stories:

Reading Deciding Hijab after a long break. I forgot about her short conversation about a school dance club. I didn't even put in a scene of her joining after the conversation. More revisions to come.

The other story is one I have a sneak peak on Wattpad.

What Else:

It's day three of belated Hugs & Kisses blog tour.

Earlier this month Medeia reviewed my book.

If you have read it or is planning to read it I would love to see your review on goodreads!

Poetry Prompt:

Write about the feeling reading gives you.

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Love, Fida

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