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Top Ten Tues #4 & Day 14

Hello readers,

Before I get to the poem of the day, here are places books have made me want to visit:

1. Hogwarts - Harry Potter
2. Spruce Knoll - Heather McCorkle
3. Broken Branch Falls - Tara Tyler
4. Jar Island - Burn for Burn
5. Paper Towns - John Green
6. Quantum Technologies - Jamie Grey
7. Oceanside High - Jenny Kaczorowski
8. Downside - Neal Shusterman
9. New Beijing - Marissa Meyer

Now into OctPoWriMo:

Something I'm always told,
is what I plan to do
with my one wild, precious life

It's the journey
not the destination
It's not about the results
but the means of getting there.

In the world
always changing
never listening
never helping
everyone in their own bubble

Show resistance
let a revolution start
where people finally listen
finally help.

That is my heart
one day you will understand
for now
let me be.

I know it's true
it happens to me
I'd rather you read my heart
than not see my face at all.

Love, Fida

#Poetteers & happy book birthday to Kelsey Macke and DAMSEL DISTRESSED!!

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