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OctPoWriMo Day 22

Hello Poetteers,

A journey
an opportunity
to do something spontaneous
something you always wanted
have someone hold you accountable
give you a deadline

The nerves
the adrenaline
you are excited enough to think about it
have a nervous breakdown
but for once you are too excited to over think
you book a time and place

You practice and practice
the night comes
and you hear your name

For once it's not something to be scared about
you are excited, happy
the audience is too
they know you

That's one thing different
in all other times they don't know you
and you don't know the subject
this time you do

You get to the stage
and see people smiling
not looking like they are bored

You hold the mic
and start to read
transported to that world
you give emotion in your voice
for emphasis
not on your face
for fear

You finish
and leave that world
to see people clapping and loving it
loving you

Throughout the night
people come to you
saying it was good
you touched me
I'm glad you did that

Never before
have I felt this
glad the other moments in high school
haven't traumatized me
I want to do this again.

*this is based on truth, on the two different times I read to an audience from my poetry books: A TO Z POETRY and HUGS & KISSES.

Thank you,

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