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Ramadan: Week One Reflection

Hello Poetteers,

Today we will have completed one week of fasting. Because of Allah’s say I fasted two of those days. The very first and second day. In them I got to experience two different fasts.

Day one I was home all day. I prayed all five prayers. Yet that was the only good thing. I was lazy and on my phone/internet all day. That’s what made fasting be so easy. I was distracted. I need to change that. To still be distracted but in a more positive and productive way.

Only half of us were home to break fast. The others were at the mosque breaking their fast. I loved the peace and quiet.

Day two I spent the morning at work. The night before I was at the mosque praying taraweeh. It was late. I got home after midnight. I did sleep but sahoor was three hours away. Afterwards I did sleep again. But at work I was exhausted and in a bad mood. I was impatient. I need to work on my time management. A more well rested Fida is a happy Fida.

Coming home from work I planned to sleep until Iftar. That didn’t happen. I napped for an hour. Afterwards I was on a time waster. Iftar today was noisy but still good.

This Ramadan is my first one where I helped my mom cook. I thought it was a bad idea to cook while fasting but it wasn’t. It felt good. You were passing time and getting good deeds for helping feed those fasting. Whether you helped a little part or the whole thing, it’s a big accomplishment.

With fasting I started listening/reading Quran first thing when I wake up. I realized I love chocolate even more as a midnight snack instead of a midday snack.

Last but not least, the sunset was stunning in July 1st. Subhan’Allah. Masha’Allah.

The sky is like
a burnt orange
and purple
dark purple
almost grey
like smoke
a literal sky on fire

I also live in a neighborhood that’s front of a farm. I got to see a beautiful white horse the next day. Subhan’Allah.

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Love, Fida


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