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WHAT'S UP WED: Coffee Edition

Hello Poetteers,

If we had coffee I would tell you I quit twitter. I have things to work on in my personal life I don't share.

If we had coffee I would tell you I stopped listening to the mainstream pop music we all know. I had stated slowly and now i'm full on with nasheeds and other islamic/arabic songs.

If we had coffee I would tell you more little things like I would rather have chocolate than coffee. That my charger died, I need a new one.

If we had coffee I would tell you that I'm excited for Ramadan and summer to be here. The ramadan is partly reason of my twitter thing. I would joke that this may be my last cup of coffee or I'm about to get so much more because i'm about to be sleep deprived.

If we had coffee I would tell you it's WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY. Above, I already answered what else i'm up to and what is inspiring me. To answer the question what I've been writing to check out my tumblr page. I share so much more poems there. I would tell you to check out my wattpad page because I share two new short stories. Last but not least, check out my previous posts for reviews on my recent reads.

Love and thank you, Fida

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