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Wordy Wednesday: Four Poems

Hello Poetteers,

I answered some prompts from POETS ON A PAGE and thought I should share (:


Dirt roads, ghost town
old, empty, alone
a mailbox, a flower still stands

A sign, someone lost
gives hope, settles
a house, a store
comes up

Once arid, now alive.


Hydrate myself for the day
giving love to a cute, little furball
to expand my giving love
for later
a garden, a ball
mysterious to guests
receiving roses
find one, a lover
reveal myself, we escape
we dance
I leave
letting my head fall
into dreams of seeing him again.

They Say

They say write without thought
without critique
I do this everyday
they say do something different
I can't
if it'll ruin my love
if it'll cause me to think too much
just let me be.


Why write of such a sad thing
yet I started this love with sorrow
but now I look back
glad I did
it helps us heal
but now may be different
I get sick, I laugh
I won't question anymore
God is here, helping me.


Dark and cold
bringing aches and sorrow
it's all too long
a sign of sun
water splashing
maybe coming sooner
ready as ever
like me.

Love and thank you, Fida

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