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Hello Poetteers,

We are reaching towards our last day of this poetry blogfest. Today will be Two for Thursday.

Your second to last prompt is to write about a struggle and victory or struggle vs. victory, anything like that.

You try and try
keep being put down
but finally one small thing done
more done
until something big
you keep going.

Option two is inspired by Janet Gurtler. Write about things you thought were true.

Things I thought were true
that I could know only one language
that all flowers are real
that your actual heart
looks like a heart
that everything is good

Things I thought were true
that I was confined
that I couldn't get better

Things I thought were true
that my faith
was only about physical things
that love was hard to get.

P.S. I'm adding new goal. I want to reach 15k in my WIP by the end of the week. Practically have three days left. Yet my WIP is already at 10k. That means I have to write 1k one day and 2k over the next two days. Please cheer me on #WriterRecharge!

Love and thank you, Fida

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