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#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 5

Hello Poetteers,

I have put my heart out there with my poems, but I'm about to do it with a letter. It's personal and hard for me, so be kind, please. Thank you! And here's my love letter poem (:

Dear Fida,

Habibti, no matter how bad and hard it is right now you will be in a better place with awesome people, old and new. Those who listen to you, understand your silence and wait for you to talk. Know you need a heart to heart, but sometimes just want a hug and their presence beside you.

You will overcome your disability and fears. You will get out of that job and get a new, better one. You will see your writing succeed with love, touched souls. You will find someone who loves you more than your crush or maybe it is him or not.

You will get to do more travels. You will be inspiring, a good role model and mentor. You will get to be more you.

Love, Fifi

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