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HER OLIVES: Title Choice

Hello Poetteers,

It's day two of the blog tour. Besides the cover and poems I needed a title, too. Here's how I came to it:

Jasmine and olives
two beautiful things
that make up Palestine

Jasmine and her olives
sounds like a picture book

Her olives
referring to Palestine as her
and the olives, olives
to me as her
and olives as my poems.

P.S. HER OLIVES is releasing exactly a week from today. Yet today is someone else's release day.

After reading the six chapter sample on wattpad I knew I would have to buy it. SOLVING FOR EX is an awesome book by Leigh Ann Kopans and you can enter a giveaway!

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Love and thank you, Fida

Happy Valentine's Day

HER OLIVES: Cover Image