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Poetry Blogfest Day 2

Hello readers and welcome to day two of the blogfest! Today's challenge is...

Found Poetry: pick a random page from the book you're about to read/are reading/or just finished and find some words in it to make poetry. 

Since it's Tuesday I think we should have some more fun and have a two for Tuesday day. The other challenge is...

Magazine poem: get a magazine and find words to create a poem.

Come over
ruin the party
take me prisoner 
I don't care 

(cuz my laugh 
is loud enough 
for those who love 
to hear)

Also, four of my favorite poems will be picked at the end of the blogfest/this week and given a special feature in my poetry collection (with your permission of publication, of course)! Enjoy!

Btw, here is the hashtag to use for this week's blogfest and next week's tour: #azpoetrybooktour

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