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Last Day of Tour & WEP

Hello readers, 

It's the last day of the A TO Z POETRY blog tour :( But we have two great stops to end the week. I have a guest post on Medeia's blog and a feature on Mindworks Publishing

Also today is the write...edit...publish blog hop. The theme for this month is... Moving On. 
I'm moving on
I've been stuck in writing poems
and doing nothing about it
but this year proved wrong
as I learned about self publication
prepared a poetry collection
prepared it for publication
yesterday it was published

I'm moving on
already making plans
for another poetry 
collection publication

I'm moving on
finally put an MS away
to work on a new idea
and I'll let it, make it last longer 
than any other idea
cuz I'm moving on. 

Thank you and love,  

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