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What's Up Wednesday

Hello readers and what is up?? I hope you enjoy today's post!

What I'm Reading

I just finished reading LOVE, TINK. I did a review a couple of days ago. 

What I'm Writing 

My latest WIP has a title WOULD YOU BELIEVE and I have a sample of it on wattpad. It also reached the 12k mark! It's about a strong faithed girl who is friends with two girls who don't have faith and is losing faith and what becomes of them.   

What Else I've Been Up To

My poetry collection is not just a collection waiting to be crowdfunded, I got my first supporter and lots of people spreading the word. I also found people to help me edit, format and market it, yay!! You can find an excerpt and donate at

What Inspires Me Right Now

Twitter conversations and the energy within myself. 

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