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Book Review: How I Lost You

Hello readers,

Before I get into today's post I wanted to mention to those who didn't notice yesterday my campaign for my poetry collection is open and ready for some help. I was wondering if you lovely readers could help spread the word. Here's the link! Thank you in advance!

Now back to today's post. Today I'm sharing my review about 'How I Lost You' by Janet Gutler.

After so long I went to the bookstore knowing what books I wanted to get. Then I saw 'How I Lost You' by Janet Gurtler. I forgot the others and bought it. Right when I got home I couldn't wait to read it!

I love that it started of differently than other books and with an activity you wouldn't expect. I loved it like other little things. When she mentioned a certain kind of laugh I went back in time when I laughed like that with my own friends.

I loved that they had their friendship symbol and hugs like I have a friendly slap and hugs with my bestie.

I could already see that this story and friendship is going to make me cry. In the middle of the book I could feel the tears coming. I tried to hold it in. Towards the end a few tears fell and turned into sobs.

This my favorite quote from it: "'That's another reason I love you. You're so in tune with your faults.' -Kya." I do have many more.

When I finally finished I felt like being with my friend and wanting to talk. I can relate the best friend parts with my bestie & the losing parts with those so called friends.

The second best thing from having your friend after reading this book is having an ice cream cone or the whole tub.

This is an amazing book to be a gift to your close friends as a way of saying I want this kind if friendship without the trouble and losing you.

Love, Fida Islaih
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