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A to Z: Z is for Zzz's

Hello readers! It's the last day of the challenge. It's bittersweet. But for Z all I can think about is Zzz's. Since it's the last day I have three poems and most of them are inspired/about sleep. Enjoy! (I hope they don't make you fall asleep, lol)!

Sleep or Work

All I want to do is sleep
but the sun is shining bright
and at my face
calling me to get on with my day

It may hard to get up
but you have to
you have one more thing to do
and then it's done

You'll get to do what you want
whenever you want
but for now you show
one last time the skills you got.


For a while now
you worked your mind so hard
without a break

You finally get one
and don't do any thinking
just falling into your bed
and falling asleep.

The End

You've reached the end
and know what to do beyond the end
it's outlined

But after throwing yourself out there
you're surprised and they are surprised
you're tired and others are, too
you've reached the end

Give each other a break
and beyond the end
you and others will live on.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}

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