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A to Z: I is for Ignore

I is for ignore. My mind is ignoring me about writing an 'I' poem. So I'm going lazy and wrote a poem based of my last name. I have another poem, that may or may not be inspired by poetic asides:


It's my family name
it holds so much history
it tells me of my father and grandfather
and more further down

It tells me where my family is from
from Palestine
it tells of its blessings and struggles
in my family.

Ignore Suffering

You can't ignore suffering
your friends may be suffering
they have family that are suffering
you are suffering
your family is suffering

It may be little, it may be big
but you can't ignore suffering
or anything going on
you have to help.


One sticks out to me right now
she's open and honest
works hard and shows her gratitude

Doing this she doesn't let negativity enter her life
she doesn't have friends who don't love her
she doesn't have to worry about what she says
she doesn't care to mention her flaws and she accepts them

As a role model
she shows to work for what you love
do what you love,
be fearlessly and be thankful.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}

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