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A to Z: C is for Can't... And IWSG

Inspired by poetic asides and napowrimo, here is a couple poems that may or may not start with C:

Cannot Lie

A prompt told me to write a poem
that tells a lie, but I cannot lie
for the poems I write come from the depths
of my heart telling who I am

I cannot lie for its forbidden to purposely sin
especially to hurt others
and why lie to someone who wants the truth
maybe you shouldn't be friends.


I'm tentative
not certain, not fixed
or confident 
about everything

But it's alright to be that way
we have family, friends, even strangers
to support us

Above all is God
it's alright to be uncertain 
for He will show us along the path. 


Ever since I announced I'd self publish a poetry collection by the end of the year, I've been scared. I have the poems, the cover, I know I have to edit and format. I learned a lot and know what I have to do, but seriously? The business side. Making all these accounts and handling them and then the money aspect. I need help, but I'm broke to pay for help.

I'm scared that if I let the scary part push me away I'll break a promise I made to you and myself.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}

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