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Hearing About IWSG

Hello readers,

I was reading Ali's post about this support group that talks about writerly doubts. I have doubts and I shall share them because that's the point of a support group.

I used to be insecure about traditional publishing, that no one with accept my writing. Then I heard of self publishing. Yet that added to my insecurities. I have no money or talent to showcase my writing. After IndieReCon I felt a better, yet once the high went away, I find it's only a little bit better. I need a team, I need help. I call for help, but I don't get replies.

That's another insecurity, I don't think I have any fans. My blog is becoming dead and I keep thinking of deactivating my twitter. The only reason I stay is for the knowledge.

And the worse insecurity, dare I say it. All the above add to me... wanting to quit writing. I have little motivation and that motivation is to show my Muslim community you don't have to be a doctor or lawyer or teacher to be successful.

I'm going to go cry now and hopelessly hope. Check out this list to see other posts.

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}

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