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A to Z Preview

Hello readers,

As you know April is coming up in a few days and that also means the A to Z challenge! I've heard it before and always thought of it. This year... I'm participating in it for the first time! April is also national poetry month and Poetic Asides has a poem a day challenge.

So my theme... instead of doing something for each... I'm combining them!

Alphabet poetry!

Duh! That's the first reason I have this blog.

Check out the big list to see who else is participating in 'The Big Reveal' blog hop.

So if you're still here, last week on my blog and twitter I hinted about something, today I'm sharing the details. It has to do with the challenges. I've seen people publish a book of their A to Z stuff. I want to do that! I even already created a cover! I want to publish a poetry collection, and that might just happen later this year... woohoo!!

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}

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