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Indie Kissing Blogfest

Hello readers,

As a Muslim girl
I'm not allowed to have a relationship
with the opposite gender
so on that note, we are not allowed to touch
definitely not kiss

But as a girl
you can help to dream what ifs

What if I waited in the hall
for him before class, would we have kissed?
what if after telling purple is my favorite color
and he said he wore it for me
would we have kissed?

What if after he thanked me for helping explaining someone
instead of an air high five, we kissed?

What if after he brought me a box of tissues
and I froze after our hands touched,
with my head down I lifted it up and we kissed?

What if after he called my name
he caught up to me and we kissed?

I try to dismiss these what ifs
cuz the most special kiss is the one you hold
for a special someone
after so many years only for that person.

So what if you thought I missed out
I see myself as a pearl to be found.

P.S. Here's the linky to everyone participating:

-Fida Islaih
{all writing is copyrighted}

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