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Thoughts of 'Maybe Loving You'

Hello readers,

I read this post and everything spoke to me. But this pull at me, "Gives you something to talk about. I’ve met quite a few writers that have been writing their novel for over 5yrs or even more. They sometimes admit that they may never finish but love to just write. They often share their challenges with their writing and their triumphs and from one author to another I totally understand that writing is like putting together a puzzle. Some people like to finish it, others like to widdle at it. But in both cases, it is pleasurable and freeing."

It reminded me of one of my writing projects. I'm working on a novel-in-verse that is a love story based on my own. I didn't have an ending. Each time I had a thought of him or saw him I wrote about it. But I wanted to go to the next step, so I slapped on an ending and edited it. I queried agents knowing I'd get rejected. But I didn't want to think too much of everything. But I still kept deleting my ending and adding more scenes/poetry to it.

I really want to publish it, but from what I'm doing I see I don't want to let go. I don't know why I'm mentioning this, I don't think I should be.

Yet the above quote reminded me of this. So thank you!

-Fida Islaih
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