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Monday Blessings #9: Religion

Hello readers,

It's the day after christmas, 2 days left in Hanukkah, 4 days until New Year's Eve! I hope you're all stuffed with food and love; may it keep going on. We are in the middle of holidays and I think this post is perfect: Religion by Kate. It inspired me, but after I wrote this poem. I hope you enjoy both, thanks! (:

Why does religion have a name?

Islam means submission to God
and its follower, a Muslim,
follows Muhammad (pbuh) and his doings
dedicating time to worship God.

Judaism is for Jews
the relationship they created with God.

Christianity is for Christians
following the teachings of Jesus.

So why does religion have a name?
We all believe in the same God,
same angels and prophets...

We all interpret it in our own ways
yet I still don't know why religion has a name
and I don't care...

As long as I keep getting closer to God
and He accepts me.

(written on Dec 21, 11)

love, Fida

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