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Exclusive: B-day Blessings

Hello readers,

Yes, it's my birthday! This girl is finally 18 :-) That means I edited my accomplish list. Did I do them or not? What else do I have in mind? Btw this will be Monday's Blessings on a Friday. That's partly why it's exclusive. :-)

For now, 18 things I'm thankful for:

1. Going on Facebook and seeing so many 'happy birthdays!'

2. Going shopping and actually getting more than one thing!

3. After so long, I finally went to our Friday khutbah and got to see people I haven't seen in a while.

4. Having the family I do, even if we don't get along, there are those special moments.

5. The ability to the happiness and light around me, and get it into me, no matter the mood.

6. My smiles and the fact it's what everyone loves at first sight :))

7. I'm finally seeing/ making the changes I need as a Muslim and a healthy eater.

8. The friendships I have had for so long is still strong.

9. For the way Allah has made my friends, for me to look up to.

10. The making of new friends.

11. I can't forget the teachers that have helped me to where I am now.

12. Also, my cats. They are my therapy; being able to feel their soft fur and feel them sniffing me when I'm in my sadness.

13. My writing... it has taken me far in looking in a new light, appreciating what Allah has given me, and being published!!

14. My blog... after working so hard and being patient I have enough loving readers and 4 awards under 6 months, masha'allah!!

15. For always learning! May my poetry reflect that.

16. For being me, even though I have a disability I'm strong and have a talent to cover it, alhamdulillah!

17. For living in a country that's doing well, that lets me wear hijab.

18. Last, but not least... I'm blessed for what will come because it's all from Allah and he gives what I need not want, alhamdulillah! :)

Love, Fida

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