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2011 Resolutions

Hello readers,

Today is New Year's Eve's Eve! Since New Year is just right around the corner, you know what that means. Time to write a list of resolutions. Here are a few of mine...
  1. Write more! Story ideas are floating around in my head. Need to get them grounded on paper, hehe.
  2. Don't lose my poetic mind. Keep writing those poems that suddenly have become a big hit on this blog. Because as I look back over the year of 2010 my poetry has improved; insha'allah it'll keep improving for the best.
  3. And of course post SOME of them. I do want to get published; that brings me to my next one...
  4. Write, edit, revise. Look around to see if there are some literary agents that might fit you. Then of course query, pray, and wait.
Those are some of my resolutions, the others are more personal and for side of me you don't know. See you all in 2011!

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