Hello, my name is Fida Islaih.

I'm Fida Islaih, a self published poet and poetry editor for women poets who define themselves as a believer and closet poet. You’re here to share your journey through poetry, so that you feel heard and less alone.

I love storytelling. Whether it was reading books, journaling, writing short stories or the family newsletter. I always knew I wanted to inspire and help people but I didn’t know how.

I didn’t like poetry at first because of the structure. Then I was introduced to free verse and was prompted to write a poem about my culture. There I had an aha moment of how I can help people understand and learn about my culture.

I love learning about other people’s life experiences and culture. I gravitated towards those who wrote about that and supported them. I had a full circle moment of seeing how my hope to inspire and help people came true. I can encourage poets to share their vulnerabilities through poetry. While also helping them edit and make their poetry (book) the best pieces it can be.

Join me on my journey and I’ll join yours! Stay inspired!